Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life in Technicolor - Coldplay

When I hopped over to sparrowonweed, I had a different approach in mind... Something less of the inside of me and more of what you'd see. Today I finally question myself , why? Maybe it's the way I've always been, like biting into an apple rotten at the core. Everything looks fine and dandy on the outside and when you least expect it, teeth and rot meet. The carefree bubbly exteriors melt away as you sit by me with a cigarette , as we drink at merry meet and talk of tales of the heart, I'd slowly let you in closer... closer to the rot. What an irony that the beauty of a deepening friendship would come from the ugliness of the core.

I'm not talking about foulplay of relationships... backstabbing, bitching, lies, fa├žades and hurting. There is no beauty in having such a friendship, there is nothing wonderful in meeting people as such. There is nothing wrong with having flaws, we all do, but what flaws do you have? A flaw that breaks you on the inside, or a selfish flaw that breaks another? Is your apple shell to the lesser known really a part of you, or is it merely a projection to make yourself look better, to make up for who you really are?

If you were across the road from me, I'd let you see my smile, genuine as can be. If you were crossing the road to meet me, I'd smile with my heart but I'd let you see the sadness in my eyes. If you were right before me, I'd smile and tell you the tales of sadness in my eyes. If you walked with our fingers intertwined, you'd see the tears of sadness as they tell a deeper tale in those eyes. And if you held me in your arms, I'd let you see me cry.

The rot is that fault in architecture of your colossal, one day it'll be bad enough to send everything crumbling down. The rot is my vulnerability, and i trust you enough to let you know where it is. I've let you close, don't let me down.

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