Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hive night


Cozycot just called me regarding my FIRST blogshop, asking me to be part of their ambassador programme thingy where all I have to do is promote them and they'd put up my logo during their event. Obviously, they were just going by data and have not visited the site otherwise they'd have discovered that it's been stagnant for ... two years.

I finally went back to have a look at all my previous blogshops from all the name hopping that I did, I can't deny the twang in my heart. I miss having my own business however small it may be (': Yes I am planning for a return into the EXTREMELY saturated market but the time just doesn't feel right... yet. Till after my school then, till after my school.

I'm not complaining about my current mundane routine of school, but I miss having that little spark in me to soar that little bit more, that little flame of passion that burns brightly at the darkest of time, that ironically, warms me with the reality of dreams. Now it's just smouldering embers making dreams seem so cold and distant.

I need a to-do list mmmhmmm.

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