Tuesday, June 28, 2011

where did paradise go?


Pixel captured post-corgi-flop-attempt-on-nice-big-fluffy-bed. That was days ago... bouncing around the orgasm worthy four post bed-i-have-always-lusted-for, running up the water slides and swooshing down from them, calling a villa home-sweet-home, basking around in sunshine lovingly encased in spring water, running about in coconut-printed bath robes, soaking in the gorgeous jacuzzi, lounging on expensive furry carpets, feeling the sand at my feet, getting thrashed by a waterfall and having a hard time remembering any worries at all.

That was Past, Siloso Beach Resort Villa
This is Present, Temasek Poly Greenhouse

Meh. Cue present day gloomy afternoon battling the trolls of drowsy medication and a hacking cough with projects and reports breathing down my neck...


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