Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm stressed now, but a good stress. It's the kind of stress whereby a deadline is drawing near but there is still time to get stuff done. Beyond such a stress level, I'll be a nervous wreck but this is just nice. THIS GETS ME REVVED UP!

I'm about 2 weeks shy of finally completing my time in TP and I'm crazy excited. I wont be an official graduate until April next year but just the thought of being able to start on my plans gets me psyched up enough. It's scary, I could fail really terribly, but it's now or never isn't it?

I'm thankful for everything that happened, for all the new people I've met and became closer to in this one year. It's already September, 4 more months and the year comes to a close. Time is passing so quickly I'm just savouring as much of each moment as I can, be it the crazy trainings, the stressful nights of mugging or lying on bed daydreaming... every moment counts. This is, I guess, the greatest effect of letting my life come to a standstill for the past 3 years. My appetite for making up for lost time is now voracious.

Yesterday, Joel and I were talking about several issues before we finally hit the sack.

One was about going back to work at Powerhouse and him starting work there. My main concern on his part was his parents. Most parents, like my mum, have a really stereotypical view of working at a club. Most people in fact, for that matter. I can never grasp why they view it as anything lesser than a ' proper job '. When I first started work, I had a lot of shit to deal with and it was never shit that came from the job itself but rather issues that people around me kept throwing at me. I've gotten really stupid comments ranging from " how are you any different from a hooter girl", " what are people going to think of you", " what are people going to think of me"... and the list of negative comments goes on.

I understand the common concerns like over drinking, fights, sleazy guys trying to hit on me and getting into bad company. But in all my 8 months of working before the hiatus, has anything like that been an issue before? No. Everything listed above are just issues that would apply if I didn't have the will or common sense to handle them the right way. But all these aren't just limited to clubs, yes they are more common in clubs but if I can resist all of these then it's completely irrelevant. It's been smooth sailing even when I started work on my own, what more now that Joel is working with me, someone who is going to protect me if anything happens and who will always keep check to make sure I'm fine.

The funny thing is, all these people who have raised all kinds of matters up to me, I have invited them to come by relax and watch me work if they were so perplexed about it... But none have bothered showing up. None have bothered to understand what the job scope pertains, what is done during working hours, and how it's just like any other proper paying job. They just decide to jump to their own conclusions about what my work is like and that really pisses me off.

I'm earning my own allowance, I've never stretched out my hands to ask for money for my own daily usage since I was 16 I have always felt bad spending my mum's money in any way other than necessities so I wished they'll get off my back because I am feeding myself.

I've done the math, I've weighed the pros and cons, I've contemplated not going back but at the end of the day this job has everything and more to offer than any part time job out there. I have wonderful colleagues, good bosses, time passes quickly, I get to have fun while earning money, I learn more here than most other jobs I've worked as and it pays well for the amount of hours I spend. It has so much more to offer me than most part time jobs and this is but a stepping stone for me to get my capitol for my venture, I might as well get 10 per hour for the time I work as opposed to 5, since my main reason is to raise capitol isn't it.

People don't listen when I tell, I'd rather they have the courtesy to ask rather than twist their own warped conclusions around me.

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