Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Saw this online and I thought it was really sweet, I'll love to tattoo my kids' drawing on me. My mum still keeps all the drawings my brother and I drew as we were growing up, I'm so glad she did.

Other than that, work has been hectic, one job to keep me buoyant and another one that I hope will bring me far. It's been exhausting and I really do hope it'll pay off, my second day of proper training and I fixed 5 appointments but that's just the easy part. Just the last bit of my SIP, and my BPHARM and I'm done with school, now there's greater incentive for me to push myself even further. Wavehouse performance trainings, recital trainings and 2 jobs *heaves*... I have to hang in there.

I see the pros and cons of getting into what I have, but putting things into a perspective 180 from convention, it makes more sense, so much more. I'm thankful for the people around me, I believe it's an industry easy to get lost in, they'll keep my head screwed on tight. I know they would.

" Everything happens for a reason, this too shall pass. "

Faith. Have faith, for everything that happens is the only that could.


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