Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 am tequilas

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Early morning light tequilas with a dash of clubmixes- my hapless attempt at keeping myself awake. 3 hours of sleep and I literally rolled-semi-crawled out of bed in showers of morning blues. I hate mornings.

Work yesterday at Zouk was alright I guess, it was fun getting people to key in the beats at first.. until I got eyeballed by bitches. Like jeeeeez chill, I'm just asking you to key in four beats, is it gonna kill you...

After that, I just felt like a fish out of water, had a taste of the scene and I like my little hermit hole of comfort... so much more. Each time I feel like I'm getting caught up in all.... this. I always think about Powerhouse and strangely enough, it keeps me grounded despite being the one to open the doors. Once a phserver, always a phserver. No matter where I end up, I'll never forget the days of shouting orders, dealing with drunk idiots, slutty bitches, never having to queue for the toilets and having the authority to push motherfuckers out of the way.

Gave my schedule for next week on a Saturday, Powerhouse is always my escape for madness. High Saturday V.1 here I come.

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