Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Devil

More than people actually realise it, we've all met The Devil.

But the age old question here isn't " where " or "who was he", but rather,
" Did You? ".
Did you accept The Devil's offer in exchange for your soul?

Since few people actually know they've Met him, the sad truth is,
We All Have.
Some just more than others because they've more untainted ground, more untouched skin than others. Ever wondered why it's the case that sometimes, you make a wrong choice and yet the karma you've been waiting to strike you.. just never comes? It's not willing it's time away for a perfect hapless clash of classic and opportunity...

But rather, The Devil got bored.
Your soul meant less to him than he thought it would and he'd moved on to better game. You didn't escape unscathed my dear, you still lost part of your soul.

We've all been fucked by The Devil.

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