Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11/366. On the Third after the First.

Listening to Pills by The Perishers now in the Greenhouse and tears are just swarming up like the little nincompoops that they are. Always always, my emotions are hardwired into my tear ducts. Thank god nobody's around.

The funny thing is, I may cry really easily yet it's difficult for me to allow myself to cry in front of people. To even let the tears well up a little, is really quite a taboo for me. I guess that's why to most, I'm this bundle of fluff so bubbly and cuddly and easy to be with... because I don't dump my emotions on people readily. Bad day? I'm just going to be a little quieter than usual but I'm not gonna be a bitch to anyone or infect them with my gloominess. Or I'll just act like that bundle of fluff, that sparrow on weed.

Well, it just means if I start talking about deeper emotions/gloomy happenings and tears start welling or flowing... it really means a lot to me, the connection we have. Oh god, I bet even daphnias are less socially awkward than me ._.

That really random moment of acknoledgement aside... I'm going to start my #bucketlist and #2012resolutions here. The past 3 years have just been lived day by day, that moments have entangled and memories are a complicated web of confusion. It's time for a little jolt of awakening, even the smallest step counts.

1# Bucket list - Get to see the Aurora Borealis with a loved one.
1#2012resolutions- Learn to sew my own clothes.

I've been holding back from the world for you,
if the tables were turned...
would you do the same?

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