Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Today B and I headed to Orchard to hunt down The Secret, it's follow up series and my pendant. The pendant hunt was futile but we lugged back 3 books shared between us. As always, we talked... a lot. The past few weeks, words over coffees, talks over the phone, heartfelt encouragements through texts and I couldn't be more thankful for his presence in my life.

18 years B, that's how long we've come, I literally watched you grow up. From that cherub-by little boy who wrote me love letters in kindergarten, to that lad in braces all charming and athletic to who you are now. There's no one in the world right now who knows me better than you do.

I watched you soar and I watched you fall, and you... me. When I talk to you, the words flow, you listen and then you understand, every ounce of it, every droplet of essence to the words I speak you get it. There's no hemming and hawing on my side, there's no need for biting back on words, for throwing aside my emotions because you don't judge.

Maybe it's because we've seen the same tides, or maybe because more than most people you try your best to understand and maybe it's because you are you and somehow you just get me. Maybe it's because it's all three, and our thoughts and emotions just flow in tandem and we both fit like lock and key.

This is by far the most trying period in my life and nobody's been a greater support than you. No hidden intentions, nothing, you're just here for me because you want to, because you care. You sound me out, and I try to help. What amazes me is that we could go months on end sometimes not talking, but when we do, it just fits. Nothing has changed.

Seeing you this often, hearing from you so frequent these days, it makes me happy... you put me in place. And I hope I do for you too. You and me against this road ahead B, I've always got your back.

" We're so perfect..."

18 years of friendship B, thank you for everything.

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