Tuesday, October 16, 2012

hey jude

That twenty seconds of insane courage was what I had at that very moment. 
How apt that at this present moment of change in circumstances, I'll see this.
Wait. That's the only thing I can do at the moment. 
It hurts so motherfucking bad, but I know I wouldn't want to have this any other way. It's not like I haven't gone through anything like that before. I know regardless of what's to come, I'll always be alright. That's what I'm good at, too good in fact.

I've booked my appointment with Julian for Thursday, I'm so close to getting that additional quote done, but this part of my skin's been booked for something else or that part's visible or this part just doesn't look quite right.

I'm this close to planting my feet down on foreign ground. This is as sad as sad can go that I don't know how to feel. I'm actually at a loss to describe how I feel, I only know how to express my emotions in actions in the weirdest way.

I've just received two pairs of pants which I ordered and I'm instantly regretting not getting the smallest size. Over the weekends woon and I were just talking about dryers shrinking clothes and I'm actually contemplating asking him if I could borrow his dryer to shrink my pants. I'm not sure if it'll work and I'm also well aware how bimbotic this sounds. But in my current predicament, worrying about shrinking pants seems like such a wonderful thing to worry about.

SIGHPIE. I just followed another cat account on instagram, cats just make me happy. 
I'm going to go cuddle the fuck out of my cats.

And my 8 year old self would probably slap the shit out of the me now, not only was I brighter then, I was also way more feisty.

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