Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I really, for the love of my goddamned life, can't understand people with this raging sense of self entitlement just coursing through their bloody veins. 

When they post shit like " If the person truely loves you blahblahblah, they would never leave you no matter what. "

No. My dear self absorbed people, the world does NOT revolve around yourselves. 

I just can't understand why people would see love this way, do shit and expect to be forgiven all in the name of love. Expect someone to stay if time and time again they hurt said person. I'm not talking about pet peeves that drives a person up the wall, I'm talking about genuinely doing stuff that would hurt a person, going back on very important promises, breaking trust time and again... shit like that.

Have they forgotten that the person loving them, has feelings too?

When I see stuff like that... I just feel this... tug at my heart.
Maybe it's sadness or disappointment, maybe it's just both.

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