Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So I'm snuggly on my bed typing this before I knock out, scumbag headache is being a pain in the ass. 
I last blogged on 3 November, it's already the 20th now, and in this 2 weeks or so, so much has happened that I'm really quite overwhelmed. I guessed that's why I've disappeared from this little outlet,  I've been too busy running all about the place experiencing new things, basking in the company of the amazing people in my life or meeting more amazing people. By the time I'm back on my bed, I've been too exhausted to do anything other than slip off to dreamland with a smile on my face as the last moments of my waking hours are spent in retrospect of the day passed.

In short, life has been good :>

But of course, here and there, awful thoughts creep in BUT BUT BUT, the me 2 weeks back sure as hell makes the me now look like SUNSHINEEEEEEE :D. My thoughts, my emotions, my perspectives have all taken this turn for the better and I'm just like ... " Dear God, thank you for everything" Every. Single. Day. #somuchwin

It's nice busying myself with things in my life physically rather than just being consumed in my own thoughts day after day. The lack of routine at the moment actually makes me very happy. 

I guess it's kind of sad to say this, but the happiness I've felt in these 2 weeks, was more than I felt in the rest of the entire year. Yep that was how shitty the rest of my year was T_T 

And everything wonderful started with Maldives. 
Sooooo, more on that soon, for now, here's a sneak of my crazy little escapade :D

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