Sunday, November 25, 2012

sick saturdays

And soooo, I am typing this with one of those cooling fever patches stuck on my forehead, I am sick again. Boo. I hate missing work when I'm sick, especially since I'm only paid when I get my ass down and clock in the hours :< Above picture is not of me at current state, I do not look or feel that chirpy. My face is looking very puffy at the moment ( don't know if water retention or just fat .__. ), and my eyes are mere slits. Very much like this -> (    -___-    )

I have accomplished absolutely nothing today other than rolling about my bed and groaning nonstop when I have to leave my room because the body aches are so bad. I actually contemplated going to work but decided against it because I'd probably be 1) cabbing to work since I feel like shit 2) leaving early because I doubt I can last till 5am 3) cabbing home since leaving early = no transport. POOF. I would earn practically nothing. I might as well rest up, get well, because I have an entire list of things I need to do tomorrow and then MONDAY I GO FOR CRUISEEEEEEEE. So I have to be well for that. HEHE.

Photos of the last day of work for ILOVESEPHORA campaign and I have to say, it is the most fun event I've ever done. And in terms of all the marketing campaigns I've worked for, this is just pure genius! 

The jobscope was dancing and being high atop an open top double decker bus blasting music, doing the ' beauty walk ' along town and giving out free candy and balloons! Awesome job is awesome. Wished I had gotten scheduled for more days, it was so much fun :D Especially when we're all WHOOOO-ing on the bus and waving at strangers and they wave back or dance along!

But of course it isn't just sunshine and daisies, it was bloody warm with the afternoon sun beating down on us and wearing the wig gave me headaches because it was so tight around my big head. 

Can't wait for this sick body to heal up and get my fat ass down to reggae classes and drag my dearest Ragga Waka out for sessions. 

So many things I've got to look forward to in the upcoming months, school, possible muaythai classes , diving lessons, possible dance competitions and more classes!!!!!!

But all these also means, spending more money T_T 
Need to start working on earning more, it's just not enough relying on Velvet and events alone. 
I could just cut all that out and live like a squirrel, which I'm actually splendid at doing...
but I just don't want to.
I'd rather earn more than scrimp and save.


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