Thursday, December 20, 2012

Work last night was good, I haven't had a chance to run around so much for a really long time. My alcohol tolerance is weird like that, some nights I can mix all kinds of nonsense and be happily bubbly away till the night ends, some nights, just a glass or two is enough to make me hurl.

Days like today I'm in one of my hermit modes- I just feel like rolling about my bed and curl up with a nice book or movie. Days like these always come when I've had a couple of days of work. Especially since my work this past year has involved so much talking, meeting new people, plastering a smile on my face even if I feel like biting off someone's head. 

I've never really been the sociable type of person. Things only changed after I started working at Powerhouse, I slowly shed away my awkward turtle shell as time went by. That's not to say that I've always been The Grinch or party pooper, I was always... nice. I just never bothered participating. 

I still remember how my classmates in secondary school used to say how in my own world I was, always stoning and the first thing when someone calls me is this 10 sec lag before I reply with an extremely nasal HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And how I always MIA-ed from class outings. I'd pick roaming town alone waiting for my mum to knock off from work over hanging out with my friends. Loner alert. Haha. 

Man, how things have changed. The kid who never let anyone close, who never spoke about her feelings or deeper thoughts has finally come out of hiding. Starting a conversation with someone is like second nature to me now, easing into company doesn't twist me up on the insides anymore and I've finally let people into my life.

Somehow I've formed this chameleon complex since I've been on both ends of the spectrum. How I react, greatly depends on the kind of company I have. Sometimes I find that perplexing. It comes easily, no doubt but still, it can get a little weary being around so so so many people and actually being aware. 

Guess I maxed out my socialising mana last night. 
I'm going to canoodle with my kitties for a bit.


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