Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm huddled in my new favourite cosy corner, between my gunmetal iron clothes rack and my off white ancient wooden closet. A newfound spot since the family decided to invade my room and I had to be take the floor. It's a cold rainy day, I've drawn my curtains shut because I'm in the mood to hate on the sun. My body's fatigued, but my mind refuses to let me sleep. I've been working through the festive season, survived. Apart from patronising some nauseating relatives, who could really grimace at free money? I'm in a sombre state and the Momster has been very kind to give me an off day from daughter duties. I'm not in the mood to fawn over babies and have conversations about my life anyway. My phone decided that it would be fun to go bungee jumping while I was painfully bombing the toilet with love. I see I've kept my queer cynical humour, that's good.

Just rewatched A Crazy Little Thing Called Love for the umpteen time, something about that show warms my heart. 10 Things I Hate About You next, a movie I've never had a chance to enjoy. I'm hoping digesting films would distract my mind from its wayward thoughts or tire it off to dreamland soon.

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