Tuesday, May 14, 2013


April was a really busy month for me, with VPG, Tokyo Autosalon and the S4 Launch performances. Which is really awesome, because the busier I am, the more money I'd be earning. 

It's been more than a month since I've stopped working at Velvet. I wont deny, it isn't easy. The money is good but jobs are erratic and pay even more so ): I've watched my bank account dwindle to a pathetic amount. I've been getting by day by day sometimes so close to it being hand to mouth because all my pay is backlogged. I hate stressing over money, it really gets me up in knots.

That aside I've been enjoying work very very much and I hope it'll be this way for a long time to come.

First upppp! Tokyo Autosalon 2013.

I'm extremely thankful for the chance to work for Autosalon under Pioneer. Thank god for my gift of the gab really, thank god. It was my first carshow, and frankly, I enjoyed it very much. I don't think I've enjoyed any event as much as I have working for Autosalon. 

I'm really blessed that for my first carshow I got to work with Huirong and Aki who are practically veterans and I just followed their lead. It was extremely tiring standing in my 6 inch boots (because I'm so fucking short I had to buy extra high ones) for about 9 hours every day. But a sweetheart delivered my favourite coffee to me every day and really perked me up :) But time passed really fast and before I knew it, TAS2013 came to a close. 

Can't wait to work for a carshow again, and until then I have a lot more to learn. 


Anddd my first VPG shoot. The theme was Petshop and.... I was a skunk.


Nobody wanted the skunk costume so I took it, it fit well anyway. And pretty much saved me from a shit load of embarrassment when I had a wardrobe malfunction at Dream. That was my first shoot after MONTHS and it was so bloody warm but I had a whole lot of fun running about The Botanical Gardens climbing trees and pulling all kinds of antics for the shoot.

          This was the night where the VPGs were set to work at Mink.

And this was at Dream ~ For VPG Gone Wild. Ever since Dream opened, I've loved having VPG Gone Wild jobs over there. I love the hyping on the stage and all that crazy visuals and confetti popping ;) Mink will always be my first love, but if you haven't checked out Dream, you're missing a great deal of fun & the interior is just absolutely smashin'. The pictures speak for themselves, the crowd is crazy every night ~

Yet another highlight of April was being hired by Samsung to perform for the S4 launch, all thanks to Mink Hancai Buddy Nich for the gig. 

As some of you know, I've been really quiet in the dance scene for a really long time, especially since missing Oschool Recital last year. I honestly can't remember when was the last time I danced for a proper performance or competition. IT FELT LIKE THE BOMBDIGGITY TO BE BACK. So thank you so much for the opportunity R! And there in leads me back to dance, replacing Hani's reggae class for one of the sessions and signing up for reggae recital at R! Events is great, but performing makes me the happiest, what more earning my keep with it.

It's 6.30am now, time for sleep. I'm glad I started on this post. Many more updates to come! 
And a tiny advert as well, so do look out for it :D 

Goodnight all you poodykats, may your Tuesday be much better than your Monday.

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