Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 My furry babyboy says hi, you guys have only seen pictures of him so here's how he's like in real life. 

Frisky's really docile and obedient, doesn't meow much and that's just his default face... really.
Whiskas' in the background finding a new spot to cuddle in amongst my clothes. They're siblings and frankly I have no idea what breed they're mixed with. Both are strays which my mum brought home (as with all my other cats). 

I have (ever since I got them) been trying to figure out what mix they are, flipping through cat breed books and all but to no avail. All I can figure is that they're extremely mixed and beautiful and... furry.

I apologise for the extremely erm, awkward actions it's my first vid and I didn't want to say much lest it's a fail take and Frisky starts hating on the camera. Sooooo yep. The one and only take because he ran out of the room after that haha. 

The room is horrendously messy, yes I know. SPRING CLEANING STARTS TOMORROW.

It always turns into a catastrophe every time I'm down, I tire myself out all day, get home be like 'fuck this shit' and turn in. 
Wake up, TRY TO FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR, which sees me flipping my clothes all about because ' No, this bottom matches with that top. Now, where the fuck is that top?! '

And after all that rummaging in vain, I usually end up with the outfit that was right before me all along

Then I head out, cycle repeats and it's been like this for a month now. 

Sloth, Audrey... Sloth.

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