Monday, June 10, 2013

Late Night Thoughts

So a couple of days back, I got my acceptance letter into SIM-UOL's Business degree course which I've been somewhat looking forward to the past couple of months since I've set my sights to it. But earlier on, that feeling changed quite a bit. 

I've been saving up for my school fees ever since I made up my mind to head back to school, now that's a harsh $500/mth for me. As much as I've been saving, it's a long way from being 'enough'. And well, a couple of hours back, my brother told me that I'd probably have to get 9k ready by July, which just caught me completely off guard and left me very exasperated. I felt so downtrodden as I trudged my way to Massive office and had so many thoughts going through my mind. I felt so upset, helpless, annoyed and even angry.

It'll be tough to get a loan due to certain reasons and the thought of opening up my mouth and asking for a loan from relatives is just too much for me to handle. I abhor feeling indebted to anyone at all. 
Maybe a huge part of the reason of me wanting to do this on my own, was to have complete control of every thing, people can talk, but when you don't owe them anything, you're not obligated to care... And I like things to be that way. Very much, in fact.

I had my path planned out quite a fair bit, go to uni, start up my business,  and see where it all goes from there. If my business works then good for me, otherwise I'd just try to make things work with my extremely expensive piece of 'paper' that I would eventually get. And every thing else would just be fillers and just fall under the 'we'd see how things go' category. 

But now with this humongous money issue just plonking its fat ass on my head. 
I feel lost all over again.

Well, but I'll keep the faith up. Head down to SIM tomorrow to settle whatever remaining documents and see where I can go from there. Who knows? Other opportunities might come knocking and my path might change completely.

To all those in some dilemma of some sort, I hope it all pans out alright for you.
Keep the faith up!

Goodnight poodykats,
Always remember
Everything happens for a reason.


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  2. You'll do just fine girl. :) Keep your feets on the ground and work hard. I believe it will eventually pay off. Take it from me. :) You go girl.


  3. I have the same issue as you. I just accepted the letter from SIM-Manchester Uni and don't have sufficient funds for the total course fees.

    I took up a bank loan from POSB, 5years with monthly repayment of $700+ . I figured if you would just need to have a base of 15k or so to last the 2years of loan repayment.

    You might want to consider this option to spread your cash out. Even with a base of 5k now, it would still be sufficient as long as you continue to work.

    Good luck :)