Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11: Pixels & Bananas

A little backdated posting of my 365Grateful pictures because I've been out of the house the entire day for the past 2 days, coming home at 4am in the morning after work at Fenix Room aaaaanddd well, also kind of tipsy .___. Not exactly the best state to be editing photos in. 

 " Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain" 
piece couldn't have been more timely. It's already the brand new year and guess what? 

I have yet to come to terms with school. 

Shocking to learn about someone who joined the school pageant huh?
I've yet to fully integrate school/studying time into my schedule, preferring to focus on work, after-all this was the life I had known for years and I do actually enjoy working.
Even when I was working during poly, purely working after graduation, or even when I went back to uni and continued with work on the sides, there was never once that I thought,
"oh, I'd rather be schooling than working." 
I honestly think that all the years of working for my own keep out of necessity really shifted the focus from the importance of school to the importance of work. Frankly, I don't ever see it shifting back. 

 The drudgery of paying my school fees doesn't help either, especially at the start when I just couldn't accept that I had such a huge additional financial burden on top of everything else. With the final payment of the academic year due on Sunday, 

It is a very depressing feeling to stare at the amount in my account and to be hit by how sad the numbers on the screen suddenly look.
Obviously I have to stop being an idiot, get my act together and stop thinking about how much better my hard earned money could be spent. 
But for now Imma wallow in my little hole of sadness until after Sunday, then I can finally have this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. 

As much as returning to school is a burden, a choice I made out of moral obligations and just a fucking pain in the ass... I'd do whatever it takes to get my ass through the 3 years and graduate with that expensive piece of paper. Time to start psyching myself up again.

The WAH!BANANA Family.

Pixels from the most recent filming we had- rushing from the Garena office to Maxwell to Garena Stadium. Good times as always, there's never a day that I dread going for filming. These people are amazing to work with and I'm extremely thankful to be part of it. I'm still trying to get used to the whole acting thing, picking up what I can from the rest of them and hopefully I can improve much faster and more. 


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