Monday, January 27, 2014


I woke up today to my mum gushing about cooking a new dish she had learnt the day before.
Groggy and bleary-eyed, I got ready for breakfast.
Sitting down at the table with my eyes half opened, I stared at the piping hot bowl of noodles and felt so thankful to have lovingly prepared home cooked food. 

Then my mum apologised;
She had overslept the day before and didn't have time to make me breakfast because she was up watching my WAHBANANA videos... for the umpteen time. 

Just as she said it, my brother went," Oh? The bloopers are out already? ".
Without hesitation, he searched for the video and started watching it.

With a sheepish look on her face she went on to say, 
" Aiyo, I spent 14 bucks buying the prawns today. Now that Bam (me), can eat prawns again, I just bought so much."

I fought so hard to hold my tears back as I stared at that bowl of noodles. 

I'm a 22 year old who is fully capable of getting my own breakfast, but here it is, my mum apologising for missing a day of making me breakfast. It isn't even her job or responsibility to do it, but still, she says sorry. All that, because she was up watching the videos I'm starring in. 

My brother, without a single thought, without even first grabbing his food, watched said video all because I'm in it. 

And then my mum again, selfless as she is, heading to the market early in the morning so she could make breakfast for my brother and I. Just because I'm no longer allergic to prawns and have grown to love them, my mum ends up spending too much.

As I type this, even with a full day gone by, I am still overwhelmed by breakfast.
Acting is such a new thing to me and I'm not even remotely good yet my family is so supportive and proud even, of what I'm doing. Honestly, I cringe when I rewatch the videos to seek areas of improvement; to me, I'm just mediocre at best. But here they are, all smiles and excitement every time a new video comes out and with so many words of encouragement and enthusiasm that I feel like such a dick for not delivering more than I have done. They don't do the things they do, for validation or appreciation from me- all of it is done without deliberateness yet with so much thought and love.

And I, am just so overwhelmed and thankful.
Sometimes, I feel as though I'm not worthy of these two amazing anchors in my life, but try I will; to give them the best I can, and maybe one day... I would be enough. 


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  1. The ones who truly loves you do not ever ask for anything return; so just simply stay by their side and cherish them as much as you could would be the best thing to do now ;)