Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

It is the first weekend of 2014 and surprise, surpriseeee! I'm home AND sober. This magical Friday is definitely worth remembering because something like this has not happened in months. It's so good to have a night off work on a weekend; away from the club, the alcohol and the sea of frivolous souls.
 I finally know what TGIF feels like. 
For over a year, weekends only meant one thing: Work (and more work). 

My magical Friday night was spent lying in bed, watching dance videos, rolling around, talking to my mum, more rolling around and refusing every 
"Join usss!", 
" we're so duckweed (hahaha love drunk texts) , you should be here" 

Thanks for the invite guys  <3  but my liver is on holiday at the moment. 

This feels good, the quiet time to myself, I need more weekends like this. 

And yes, I've started on my reflection post of 2013, it is a long one. 
So long that I stopped midway, to take a little breather, and it's still in " Work In Progress" mode. 
2013 has been my favourite year so far and I want the post to truly reflect how the year went for me, so I'm going to take my time with that post and make it a good one. 

A little overdue but here's the "Christmassy" part of my Christmas, quality time spent with the family and everything that Christmas is about :') 

Christmas is a pretty big deal for my family even though we aren't Christians, I think the overload of Snowmans speak for itself. Christmas eve is also the birthday of my brother, which makes it an even more joyous occasion.

I love everything about Christmas; the food (TURKEYYY), the carols, the lights, the whole festive vibe at every corner I turn, the joy of giving, the happiness of receiving and also, that bittersweet nostalgia that the year is coming to an end. 

But most importantly, it's all about being with the ones I love. 

" Where there is food, there is Alvin. "

So my Aunt had all these Christmas figurines that she had collected over the years from all the turkey/ham that we order annually and I decided it'd be nice to sprinkle these little buddies over the food we had. I must say, I really like the effect of it, look at all the happy campers!

My favourite is definitely Mr Snowman skiing on fruit punch. 

La Familia. So thankful to be able to spend my favourite time of the year with them, even though it was just a couple of hours. 

Aaaaaaand, the Birthday Boy- who really hates taking pictures. But there he was with 3 cameras on him, sweetly obliging to 3 women on photo rampage because he is morally obligated to hahaha. I love you big brother. 

For the 3rd consecutive year, here's me at work on Christmas Eve. Feeling a little sad, because I'd rather be home with my family than fist pumping in a club on Christmas. 

The happier shots at work, bringing out bottles of champagne in all it's LED-lighted glory and the coveted LED Candy Canes for them Cristal poppers. 

So here was my Christmas 2013!
This cat needs her sleep now, GOOD MORNING/NIGHT WORLD. 


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