Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 6: Lights and Dance

Came home after a long day and sat in the dark admiring the Christmas tree- the first time I've done so since it was put up. Such beauty in simple lights in the dark.
Thankful for the love and effort Momma had put into making Christmas special. 
It had been more than 10 years before the tree was put up again in 2012.
2013... there it was again. 
This means so much to me :')

And I sat there for the longest time just staring at the Christmas tree; each time the lights changed, I felt like I was 5 all over again. 
I found an angel huddled deep amongst the leaves and just couldn't stop staring and snapping. The change of lights or the tilt of the slightest angle and it looked different every time the shutter snapped.
It was like throwing a ball of yarn to a cat. I was fascinated. 

My afternoon had been spent at Recognize Studios, unforeseen circumstances saw me at the studio 6 hours early. I got some work done, danced a little, ate a little, talked a lot and finally Ragga Waka's dearest Shauna walked in at 6. Our crew is finally reunited again! Ironed out the details and came to a consensus with how the event would flow, I am awfully excited for it! 
More motivation and more things to work hard for :)

And I still haven't picked up from where I left off in the 2013 Reflection post. 
Well, bed time for this Kitty.
Good night poodykats!

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