Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 7: Momma's love

Woke up to a handwritten note by Momma and smiled, homecooked food always makes me happy.
No fancy restaurant cuisine or famous hawker fare could ever made me feel the way homecooked food does. Even if it doesn't turn out superb, it still makes me happy :)

And even though I'm turning 23 this year, my mum still fears that I'd end up burning down the house when I'm home alone. Which, really, never fails to amuse me. 

Spent my day drifting in and out of sleep, charging up for the start of a busy week. Back to the days where my weekends are insanely packed and apart from school, Mondays are actually the most chilled days of the week :< I'm glad I rolled my weekend away while I still could. 

Also started training- basics day today. My body will hate me when I wake. Reggae just has a way of killing thighs. 

Today I counted the days - 43. I don't know where I'm counting to this time, and I've never known a more bittersweet feeling than this. I miss those times, I was... happier. 
If there's one thing I'm thankful for each morning that I wake up and each night that I fall asleep, it'd be that, I'm still counting the days. 


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