Monday, February 10, 2014

Two Girls One Card

So the lovely & incredibly talented ladies of Two Girls One Card sent a Vday card my way...
I mean, really, it's cats. I haven't seen anything like this around and if there's one person who would end up as the crazy cat lady, I'm probably top of the list.  This is probably also the most apt way I could ever describe the extent of my love for anyone, Le Cat Card is absolutely perfect. 

Before you think it's a card with just a pretty cover, check out the different pages (yes there's more than one) inside the card!

Because why else would I love you as much as my cats?

Number One on the list would be : Avoid stepping on my face while I'm sleeping. 
( little jerks, they can, they just don't want to )

I don't see myself ever getting hitched if this happens, I promise Vday wouldn't be like this...
but hey, this is freaking adorable. 

Because cat.
No explanation needed. 

5 more days to Vday, if you want something unconventional and memorable as a card, THS IS IT.
Well, not just the cat cards, they have way more variety. I'm just biased. 

Check them out! 

I'm keeping this card for myself. Hehe. 


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