Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My birthday passed as a quiet affair, no large celebrations and no plans made. Turned in early and gave  Solid Gold a miss, I didn't want the fatigue from the past few days to do me in for Oschool Recital auditions, plus a long day ahead with training after auditions and a shift for Garena. Met Drewzy after all that for an in depth talk to brainstorm our little dilemmas over tea. Thank you to every one who took the time out to pop me a little birthday wish, over text, Facebook and every other form of social media. I'd get around to thanking every one soon enough! It means a lot to me :) And of course to every beautiful soul, who went the extra mile to grab a present and a cake even at the last minute, thank you.

Happy Birthday to me. It was a happy one this year, mild and pleasant, just the way I like it. July has never been a good month since it's shrouded with dates of passing, it always made me dread my birthday. But still, I'm grateful to every one who still put in the effort to make it a little more special than regular days even though I brush this particular day aside so easily and maybe even with a tinge of disdain. 

Monday again, my rest day finally and I'm going to milk it to be a professional pseudo cat. Back to bed soon with much to ponder about. I went through a large part of today just lying in bed thinking, and being thankful. Thankful that I now see better days than I did just 2 months back, the contrast is so stark and the memories rather painful but soldier on I will! And to all the amazing and genuine people I've met, thank you for helping me see better days, for all the care, concern and encouragement each and every one of you have showered on me. Nothing has touched me more than how real the love, you guys have shown me, is. I'd never forget all these beautiful actions regardless of how big or small they are. Thank you.

I'd cling on to every good moment and run with it- the beautiful souls, the opportunities, every smile, every encouragement, every milestone. I'd work hard to be worthy of all the opportunities presented to me and to every one who has believed in me, thank you. 

Goodnight Poodykats X.


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