Wednesday, October 29, 2014

alma mater

Went past my alma mater today and was hit by such a huge wave of nostalgia- Pressed against the glass, staring at my surroundings, wide eyed. It was half an a half; dreaming of a better life and reminiscing better days. 

Funny, really. 7 years ago, I stood at a fork in the road and made my first " real world " decision that changed everything. 

How would my life be like, if I had picked the conventional route- The route I had mapped out over years, the route I was supposed to step on, the route I had envisioned for myself. Yet I turned a 45 and picked the other trail. Everything that I had never imagined, came to be my life. 

At 16, I would never, in my wildest imagination, think that I'd be living the life I'm living now. 

It amuses me greatly;the path I've chosen, the choices I've made, the company I've immersed in...and the person I've become. 

" It can be such a mangled ride,
Maybe we write to save our lives " 


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