Monday, November 9, 2015


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First pit stop of the day and we found ourselves at the KF1 Karting Circuit- both our virgin experience at KF1. What we expected? Your typical run of the mill karting circuits that you’d find overseas- basic helmets that don’t fit well because they only come in two sizes (adult and child), small racetracks and a snail mobile (20km/hr is an overstatement). What we got? Mind blown.

We had full on racing suits and shoes, well-fitted helmets, and by the time we were done with our basic tour and training, our adrenaline was running high. And so, the fun begins.

We were going up to 50km/hr, drifting at turns and clocking better timings as we got past each round. The pure exhilaration from karting hit a perfect 10 every moment that we were on the tracks. We could go on and on with how wonderful it is, but you’d have to get on the tracks and feel that adrenaline pumping through your veins to truly indulge in how we felt.

With beads of perspiration and blistered hands, we walk off the tracks with pumping hearts and the biggest grins on our faces.

FUN FACT: While most karts go at 50km/hr, F1 cars go at 300km/hr. The whiplash alone is enough to kill F1 racers.







After our adrenaline pumping morning ride, it was time to recharge with some lip smacking dishes. We sussed out our personal favourite muslim stall to whet our appetites and cravings. You know what they say, the best way to enjoy good food, is in good company, and we savored our food in a cosy group of 4.

While most food stalls with spectacular food wield long lines and insane waiting hours, NURAINI CHICKEN RICE AND NASI PADANG is a hidden gem. The exterior doesn’t boast anything impressive- a small stall in a tiny coffee shop with no fancy signage, it is so easy to miss. But trust us when we say that it’s what’s inside that counts. We had a huge spread of Nasi Briyani, Sotong Penyet, Ayam Penyet, Achar, Chicken Rice and Pappadum- None of which was a disappointment, each dish was as delectable as the other.

Pop by if you’re in the area, and even if you aren’t, it’s a trip worth making.

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GYMKRAFT – 5.30pm

Calories in, it has to go out somewhere so we head to a breakdancing class! Taught by one half of our duo, Eden, and his trusty partner Norbin. Set in a proper gymnasium with sprung flooring, mats and trampolines, it’s the perfect place to train breakdancing powermoves (flips and other superhuman antics) and tricking in safety. The class is a cosy class of 10 so there’s adequate space to train and sufficient attention from the instructors. Every class starts with basic warm ups, games to heighten your attention and work different muscle groups and finally, it’s down to grind. Students flipping everywhere, crashing to the floor (thank god for mats and sprung floors), getting into the groove with the break beats (aka breakdancing music), tons of laughter, exuberance and energy. By the end of the class, every one is exhausted but satisfying so. New tricks, new limits and new techniques- every class is a sign of progress.

For the newbies or those born with two left feet, there is little to fret about as the instructors will fit you in with the more seasoned students when they deem fit, and coach you at the sides when they feel otherwise. If you’re up for a good workout with a lot of fun, A New Generation is the way to go!

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Dinner is a must, especially after that intense workout so we trooped down to our favourite frog porridge place to fill our tummies with some hearty fare. Served with a choice of rice or porridge, the flavorful claypot frog is a perfect complement to the staples. Our recommendation? Go for the Gong Bao Claypot Frog- Tender frog legs simmered and braised in delicious sauce that is a perfect marriage of sweet and savoury, not forgetting the slight hint of spiciness. Veggies are well cooked with oyster sauce and topped with a generous amount of fried shallots. Top this meal with an order of fresh sugar cane juice from the drinks stall and this dinner is perfect!

And that sums up the little journey that Eden and I went on in a full day for the Caltex- Fuel My City campaign! The campaign is all about discovering local gems in our sunny city and these were our personal picks. Check out to see what spots have been sussed out by others!

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