Friday, November 20, 2015

how cryptic

Empty - is a strange feeling.
Could you even say it's a feeling when empty is tantamount to the absence of something, anything.

Perhaps it is the point of perfect juxtapose - at the edge but never over, the bent before the break, where black meets white , when good and bad collide.

is like a dreaming realist.

is like a walking contradiction.

is like the solitary mulling in the flurry of activity.

is like having so much to live for yet wanting to die.

is like feeling happy and wondering what the catch is.

is like having so much to say but saying nothing at all.

is like being told a lie and pretending that you believe it.

is like falling in love with the flowers and autumn comes.

is like coveting a happy marriage yet fearing commitment.

is like being surrounded by a sea of people and feeling alone.

is like consoling a friend when you're falling apart on the inside.

is like the romantic in your nature and the cynic from your nurture.

is like seeing a flashing neon sign that says happy when you're sad.

is like the smile on your face partnered with the scars on your wrists.

is like sticking out like a sore thumb and being thrust into the limelight.

is like knowing that nothing you do or avoid would make it better or worse.

is like wanting to hug someone and cry yet knowing that you would smile at whoever you chose to see.

is like sobbing in a movie theatre of strangers and that's the most comfortable you've been around anyone.

Perhaps, empty is an irony.
How cryptic.


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  2. Easy

    is a dream,

    sleep walking.

    Falling in love,

    lying on the flurry,

    a pretext of flowers.

    Is fearless if you marry

    neo romantically

    to fresh white sheets.

    Maybe the boy

    and girl you're okay

    sharing them with.

    (When we come apart

    but don't want to

    need consoling.)

    Easy was the flashing eyes

    a neon light

    that found me a you


  3. Can you do a everyday makeup routine? Pls ? :)))